Community Rules

  1. Occupants and Guests.  If you have someone living with you that is not shown as an occupant on the Lease, then that person is trespassing and you are in violation of your lease.  You may not have excessive guests and/or visitor.  You must obtain prior written consent for guests and visitors to reside in your apartment for more than 5 day consecutively or more than 10 days during any 30-day period.  You are responsible for all of your guests and invitees, including the cost for repair of any damages caused by your guests.  Your guests include persons invited by or through persons you directly invite onto the Property.  Your guests must comply with all Community Rules.
  1. Peaceful Enjoyment.  You must conduct yourself, and cause each of your guests and invitees to conduct themselves, in a manner which protects the quiet enjoyment, rights, peace, comforts and convenience of other residents in our community.  You will not play musical instruments, stereos, televisions or other similar devices at a volume that can be heard outside your apartment.
  1. Care of the Property.  You shall take good care of the premises and its fixtures.  You will promptly report at the office any equipment, fixtures or portions of the premises that are in need of repair.  If you fail to report a problem, and this leads to greater damage to the Premises or the Property, you will be charged for such cost.  You will also be charged for the cost to unclog drains where the cause of the stoppage was improper object being placed into a commode, sink or tub.
  1. Modifications.  You will not make any modifications to any portion of the Premises or the Property without prior written approval from the Isola Bella Apartments.  Without limitation to the generality of the foregoing, the following modifications shall require such prior written approval:  cabinet modifications, window coverings, screen or storm doors, drapes, signs, telephone and other cabling, and additional outlets.  You are responsible for all broken windows, unless the window is broken by vandalism and you cause a police report to be made on account of such vandalism, and you provide management with a copy of such report.  
  1. Locks and Keys.  You will not alter any lock or install additional locks on any door.  You are responsible for all keys you receive at the time you lease the Premises.  You may contact the office if you lock yourself out when the office is open.  If you lock yourself out when the office is not open, you are responsible to regain entry to the Premises without damage to the Property.
  1. Trash.  You must place all trash in a designated receptacle on the Property.  You may not leave trash on patios, balconies or outside your apartment.  You must dispose independently of any refuse that cannot be placed inside a container.  If you leave trash outside a container, Isola Bella Apartments will assess a fee for its personnel to clean up such trash, and you must promptly pay such amount.
  1. Hazardous Substances.  You may not store any gasoline or other flammable or explosive materials.  You may not possess any materials which are hazardous or controlled substances under any applicable federal or state law, except ordinary household materials in quantities typical for a household which are stored, used and disposed of in accordance with applicable law.
  1. Inspection.  The Isola Bella Apartments may inspect your apartment for housekeeping, unauthorized pets or occupants, smoke alarms or any other reasonable purpose by giving not less than 24 hours prior notice.  The Isola Bella Apartments may gain access to your apartment at any time to remedy maintenance problems.
  1. Home Business.  You may not conduct any business from your apartment or within the community, except a home business done by computer, telephone, facsimile transmission, and business invitees do not come to the Property.
  1. Property Exterior.  You must exercise care and caution to maintain the exterior grounds in clean and orderly fashion.  You are responsible for any and all damage done to the landscaping or the exterior of the Property.  You may not install any radio, television or other wires, satellite dishes, stick antennae without the prior written permission of the Isola Bella Apartments.  You may not store anything outside your apartment, including patio or other outdoor furniture.  You may not place signs, advertisements or other lettering, inscriptions or other affixed items to any part of the outside of any building or any portion of the Property.  You may not place signs in the window of your apartment.
  1. Parking.  You and your guests and invitees must park in designated areas of the Property.  You may not park commercial vehicles within the limits of the Property.  You may only park vehicles that are duly and properly licensed and tagged, and in operable condition.  You may not do mechanical work to your vehicles in the parking area or elsewhere on the property.  You must pay all towing, storage and other similar fees for vehicles towed for being inoperable or parked illegally.  The Isola Bella Apartments are not responsible for any damage to your vehicle or for stolen or damaged vehicles or content thereof.  You may not park motorcycles on patios, balconies, in apartments, under stairways or in other areas that are not designated for parking of motorcycles.
  1. Barbecuing.  You may not barbecue or grill on any walkways or balconies.  If you do barbecue, you must be at least fifteen (15) feet away from all building structures.   You may not store barbecues or grills on any walkways or balconies.
  1. Renter’s Insurance.  You need to be aware that the landlord’s general insurance policy covering apartment buildings does not include coverage for each tenant’s personal property.   If you want to insure your personal belongings against fire, theft, tornadoes, flood and/or other similar casualty events you must purchase insurance generally known as a tenant homeowner’s policy.  The Isola Bella Apartments urge you to purchase tenant homeowner’s insurance.
  1. Criminal Activity.  The Isola Bella Apartments will not tolerate the use or distribution of any controlled substances, or any drug-related criminal activity on or near the Property, engaged in by an applicant, tenant, any member of tenant’s household, any guest or other person under the tenant’s control.  Any such use will constitute grounds for immediate termination of your Lease.
  1. Termination.  The following items are examples of behavior that may cause immediate termination of your Lease:
  1. Excessive loud and disturbing actions including music, shouting, slamming doors and other noise.
  2. Any offensive acts which make it necessary to call police or causing arrest and conviction
  3. Physically fighting with neighbors, guest or others in or around the Property.
  4. Displaying or using firearms, knives, or other weapons in a threatening manner.
  5. Lack of control of household members or guests or any lack of effort to stop them from damaging property, performing vandalism or other acts which affect the peaceful enjoyment of other.
  6. Menacing, verbally or physically abusing any staff member of the Isola Bella Apartments
  7. Excessive traffic during quiet hours in an apartment where visitors congregate in a manner that disturbs neighbors or the management.
  8. Unsanitary housekeeping or failure to place trash in containers provided.
  9. Storing or displaying items on your balcony or patio.
  10. Keeping combustible materials, motorcycles, or other machinery in apartments or on patios or balconies.
  11. Gambling, prostitution, drug trafficking or abusing, disorderly conduct or drunkenness on the Property.
  12. Loitering in parking lot or other areas of the Property.
  1. Laundry Rooms.  You will use the laundry rooms only at times posted as open, and keep the room free of dirt and debris.  You shall remove all clothes immediately from the laundry room at the time the machine competes it operation.
  1. Fitness Center.  The Fitness Center may not be used by any person under the age of 18, except under the guidance and supervision of Fitness Center personnel that are conducting a group activity specifically designed for persons under the age of 18 years.
  1. Pools and Tennis Courts.  A person over 18 years of age must accompany any child under the age of 18 years during their use of any outdoor pool or tennis court at the Property, and such person can supervise no more than 4 persons under the age of 18 at any time.  No alcohol or glassware is permitted in the pool or tennis court areas.  No food is permitted in the pool area.  No running, pushing, diving or splashing is permitted in the pool or tennis court areas.  No radios, musical instruments are permitted in the pool or tennis court areas.  No cut-off’s, t-shirts or sweats are allowed in the pool area.  You may bring a maximum of two (2) guests to the pool at any time.
  1. Pavilion.  Resident must accompany any person under the age of 18 years that visits the Pavilion.  No resident may bring any person into the Pavilion that is not shown as an occupant of the Property on the Lease unless special permission has been obtained from the office.  All persons using the Pavilion must do so in a manner as not to interfere with the use and enjoyment of the Pavilion by others.  In all events, the users must comply with the requests of staff attendants and be respectful of all users.  The Isola Bella Apartments may revoke the right of resident and/or each and all of his or her invitees to use of the Pavilion for a temporary or permanent duration in the event that management determines that past behavior or use has been inappropriate or otherwise not in conformity with required guidelines.  The management may at any time and from time to time close all or portions of the Pavilion to use by residents or other groups of people to allow for special events in the Pavilion.
  1. Scheduling of Common Area Amenities.  The management reserves the right to require all or any portion of common area amenities to be scheduled for use by the office.  If any such amenities have been reserved, then Resident agrees to allow use of such amenities by the party who so scheduled the use during the reserved time.
  1. Playground.  Resident shall cause a person 18 years of age or older to accompany any children at the playground area during the entire time of use of the playground.  No person shall bring any glass objects or sharp instruments into the play area.  All children shall be monitored to insure that no rough or inappropriate play occurs, and that no foul or offensive language is used.
  1. Posted Rules.  The rules and regulations set forth on any signage posted anywhere on the property, including without limitation those signs by pool areas, the Fitness Center, tennis courts and welcome areas, are hereby incorporated herein, and Resident agrees that Resident will comply and will cause each of his or her invitees to comply with each and all of such rules and regulations.
  1. Feeding Wildlife.  The Isola Bella Apartments have many forms of wildlife that inhabit the Property.  While Residents are encouraged to enjoy the natural beauty of this wildlife, Residents must be careful in approaching wildlife, and must refrain from touching or otherwise handling, abusing, endangering or mistreating any wildlife.  In addition, any feeding of wildlife may only be done in grassy areas not less than 25 feet away from any building.  In particular, Residents may not feed any animals on their patios or in the breezeways of buildings.
  1. Garbage Disposal.  Please make certain that you limit the amount and types of materials disposed of through your garbage disposal.  In particular, do not place bones of any time, banana peels, watermelon or other fruit rind, celery stalks, or other stringy waste through the system.  In addition, be sure to only dispose of small quantities of waste at any given time to avoid stoppages.

These Community Rules may be updated at any time and from time to time by the management of the Isola Bella Apartments, and compliance by Resident and each occupant of the Premises is a material obligation under the Lease.  If Resident or any occupant in the Premises or any invitee of any Resident shall fail to comply with each and all of the rules hereof, then in addition to each and all of the other remedies of the Isola Bella Apartments, the Isola Bella Apartments may terminate your lease.