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Housekeeping Service- Housekeeping is provided for your apartment weekly. Depending on your check in day, Housekeeping may not come to your apartment until the second calendar week. All linens are replaced and paper goods replenished. If you have a pet or have the Do Not Disturb sign on the door, Housekeeping will not enter. Please contact Guest Services to make alternate arrangements. Extra Housekeeping items such as towels and paper goods may be obtained at the Welcome Center on NW 63rd St. The weekly housekeeping schedule is as follows:
MONDAY: 6301/6303/6305/6307/6309/6311/6313/6315/6317/6319/6321/6401/6403/6417/6419

TUESDAY: 6323/6325/6327/6329/6331/6333/6335/6337/6339/6341/6343/6345/6347/6349/6351

WEDNESDAY: 6353/6355/6357/6359/6361/6363/6365/6367/6369/6371/6373

THURSDAY: 6375/6377/6379/6381/6383/6385/6387/6389/6391/6393/6395


Laundry- Every room has a washer/dryer unit. Some of our rooms have an eco-friendly European-style washer/dryer. These are a style most Americans are not familiar with. Please read instructions carefully. Most guests find a cold wash with dry setting for about 45-50 minutes plus using fabric softener seems to work out fine. If the in-unit is not suitable for your needs please don’t hesitate to contact Guest Services at (405) 721-2194.